Enjoy the perfect ambience, five star cuisine and an excellent selection of the finest wines.

Each luxury charter includes a personal chef who tailors each breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack to the tastes and dietary needs of the client. The super yacht galley is provisioned with items of the charter client’s request, and each day’s menu is designed to satisfy the charter client’s personal preferences. All restrictions can be accommodated, including special menus for diabetes, low-carb diets, gluten-free menus, and the like. All desires can be accommodated, as well, including daily cravings for chocolate, specialty wines and spirits, or whatever other indulgences the client desires.

Sample menu

A selection from:

Pan-fried Squid with “Bagna Cauda” and Curley Kale   (“Bagna Cauda” a traditional hot garlic and anchovy dip) 
Warm Octopus, potatoes and olives
Meatballs in tomato sauce (with garlic bread) 
Pappardelle with anchovies, garlic & curly kale
Chicken liver pate with cornichons and toast 

Sample wines

We have an excellent of wines onboard and we are more than happy to stock... lli, et vix utilitas concub.

Viognier, Mandrarossa,
2010, 13.5%, Sicily, Italy

Pinot Grigio, delle Venezie IGT,
2010, 12.5%, Venezia, Italy

Dreams IGT, Vinnaioli Jermann,
2009/2010, 13.5%, Venezia, Italy